2015 Design Entrance

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To help us raise money for all the awesome things we want to do this year (including, but not limited to, funding airfare for 1-2 European artists, having free admission, having a Day 3, etc) we are offering a hands-on opportunity for you to design the official BRK2015 t-shirts! Each entrance fee for one (1) design is $5; however, there is not a limit to the number of designs you enter (but c'mon, don't troll us with like, 10). At the end of the four-week design and entrance period, which is now until June 30th, we will have a poll for people to vote. If you win, you of course get your shirt for free AND a secret item! Although winning is great, THINK OF THE GREATER GOOD. This event is part of our fund raiser to put on the best BRK yet.

Design Parameters:
-monochromatic ONLY (one color)

-design on something simple, like white or black shirts; however, you may try to WOW OMG us with a different color shirt.

-.png or .tiff or ai file (check your overall file size; don't send us something that's going to break the internet)

-file name must follow this format: ArtistName_01.png so on and so forth

-IMPORTANT: enter the above file name in "Include a message to BRKfest20XX." when you buy the entrance fee below. This will help us coordinate your design with payment.

- send designs to brkfestorganization@gmail.com with "T-Shirt Design" in subject.

ships out within 1 day

  $5 USD



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